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ⒸShin Yamagishi

Because of an unexpected accident at her early childhood, she determined to be a Japanese style painter when she was in junior high school,

Since then, she was attracted by all strong things, she started to paint giant trees with the theme of vital force while she was studying art at art university.

In the meantime, she chose cherry blossoms as the main motif to express sadness, emptiness or changing human emotion on cherry tree. During her trip looking for cherry trees many places in Japan, she felt human being in Miharu Takizakura in Fukushima Prefecture, and continue to visit  for ten years.

She aims to express cherry trees which no one has seen before by painting various motifs regardless of genre. Also she adopts outdoor painting to get further reality.

Her painting style, expressing sound and undulation of Nature without a draft, is highly appreciated by Mr.Philippe Piguet, great grand-child of Claude Monet.


Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1982 grown in Kanagawa Pref.

Graduated from Japanese Painting Faculty of Musashino Art University in 2005


<Award winning works>


The 21th Garyuzakura Japanese Painting Award at The Museum of The Fine Art Gifu in Takayama


The 29th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prix Exhibition at  The Ueno Royal Museum Tokyo


The first CANSON AMBASSADOR in Japan CANSON Prize  representing Japan


Moon Art Competition selected in Germany

<Major Solo Exhibitions>


Etsuko Shibata Art Gallery, Tokyo


SOGO Yokohama Art Gallery


SOGO Chiba Art Gallery

TKP Garden City Chiba


SEIBU Ikebukuro Art Gallery


SOGO Yokohama Art Gallery


SOGO Omiya Art Gallery

<Major Group Exhibitions>


JAWA-SHOW at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo


“Souda Kyoto Ikou(Let’s go to Kyoto)” Presents Gioji /jojakko-ji, Kyoto


The 7th Sato Sakura Museum of Art‘Ōka-Sho Award’Exhibition at Sato Sakura Museum, Tokyo


Victory Bouquet Exhibition for the support of TOKYO2020 at Sato Museum, Tokyo


Hana no En Sakura Kaigaten(A banquet of flowers, cherry flowers exhibition)at Takashimaya, Osaka


Anthology Eto(The twelve zodiac signs) at Takashimaya, Osaka


Japanese Art Exhibition of Peach and Cherry Blossoms, Hungary


Group exhibition at Galerie Nichido Paris, France


Scenery with flowers at Ginza / Soei Gallery,Tokyo


Japan Day AGORA-MSH, Hungary


Moon art fair /The Westin Hamburg, Germany


Anthology Eto(The twelve zodiac signs) at Takashimaya, Osaka


Original paintings of the calendar we chose at Kobe Hankyu


<Major Public Collections>

Cinémathèque française (Paris)

Oriental Literature Center in Russian State Library(Moscow)

Masaryk University (Czech)

Szombathely City Government (Hungary)

Sato Sakura Museum (Tokyo)

Kanagawa Prefectural Hiratsuka Secondary School (Kanagawa)

Sozen Community Center in Hiratsuka City(Kanagawa)

Hiratsuka Hachimangu Shrine (Kanagawa)

Soma City Hall (Fukushima)

Miharu Town Miharu Elementary school(Fukushima)

Kagoshima Shrine (Kagoshima)


<Major works for corporations>

2023 Calendar Kyodo Printing Co.,Ltd

2023 Calendar Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores,Inc.

The cover picture of“Healthy Mates”member magazine of Hakuju Institutefor Health Science


<Social Activities>

Tourism Ambassador of Hiratsuka City 

Guidance for wall painting commemorating foundation of Sozen Community Center

Painting 50th anniversary picture of Sozen Community Center in Hiratsuka City

Committee member of Association of Art Museum in Hiratsuka

Steering committee member of Central Community Center in Hiratsuka City

Painting 30th anniversary product of Hiratsuka Keisinkai

Painting of graduation souvenir of 55th public interest corporation JCI(Junior Chamber International Hiratsuka)

63rd Orihime in Shonan Hiratsuka

Lectures abroad like Masaryk University (Czech)

Work shops, Live paintings at museums or schools

Lectures at rotary club or other associations

Inquiries about the works can be made here.

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